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Pictures on day one SO IMPORTANT

Posted by Clayton Diebert on Thursday, October 10, 2019 4:35pm

watch the quick video:


How important is marketing to you??

Day one on the market is a VERY important day. Any agents with clients that are set up on automatic searches, those clients will have that new listing in their email. Now, if they open it and what do they see? Nothing. an address and a price tag.

Pictures and videos are what drives consumerism these days and with shorter and shorter attention spans, potentials buyers need to see the house right away or they will likely discredit it and go to the next one.

No one is benefitting from having a listing activated on MLS 2 days sooner if that means that they don't have proper marketing materials. Pictures are necessary. When I say Pictures, I don't mean 2 cell phone or digital camera photos of the outside of the house, I mean a full set of professional photos at the minimum.

In this video, that was just one random day when I saw that 14 out of 22 new listings for the day did not have a single photo. 

I do not put houses on the market without a virtual tour, video


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